i am a professional dreamer

name's ronn.

a gay guy from the Philippines.

a dressmaker,

a voluteer at PAWS,

i laugh just like anyone else,

i sleep with a dog in bed,

and living in a world where i wish, someday, i can make a very BIG difference in my own small ways.

Project Runway Korea Season 4.

I am a huge fan of Project Runway all over the world. One of the best franchises of the show is PR Korea Season 4. The only downside is you can rarely find some of its episodes with subs. Thankfully, I can speak and understand a little Korean and I just interpret some parts of the show according to their actions. ~LOL! 

One of my early favorites got axed early on the show. They are all good and most of them have very deep background in fashion. 

Kim Min Ji was eliminated on episode 4 (if I’m not mistaken). The most emotional elimination. Everybody, including me, shed a river of tears. T.T

But most of my favorites are not eliminated yet.

Kim Seong Hyun. I think most of the designers are intimidated with this guy. I am not sure but I guess he’s pretty popular and he keeps on winning most of the challenges.

Kang Seong Do. He, for me, is the most attractive of all the guys. He has hearing impairment which affected his speech. He has won one challenge and managed to stay in the game by always bringing his A game.

Kim Hye Ran. Won 3 challenges including the most recent challenge (Ep. 7)

Ara Jo. She has won one challenge and was never in the bottom. She’s the real deal since Lady Gaga has worn many of her designs. 

Watch PR Korea Season 4 here.

And kids! Do not forget to watch PR Philippines Season 3 on ETC starting March 25! Team Cheetah all the way right? ^^

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